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Crafting Your Unique Love Story




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Personalized Stories – Your Tale, Our Lens

Gabriela & Lubomir

No two love stories are the same. At L'at De Jadore, we take pride in tailoring each film to reflect the couple's unique journey. Our consultations involve understanding your narrative, your personalities, and the nuances that make your bond special. The end product isn't just a video; it's a heartfelt representation of your love's unique flavor.

Destinations – Setting Your Love Story

Slovak Home

Born in the heart of Malta a 2 years ago, L'at De Jadore has evolved from a passionate duo into a devoted team, journeying from the bustling streets of London to the captivating landscapes of London, Vienna and Bratislava. In the realm of L'at De Jadore, videography isn't just a technical skill; it's an art form. We harness the power of modern technology while drawing inspiration from classic cinematic techniques. Our approach is holistic; we don't just capture moments, we paint emotions. From the initial storyboard to the final edit, every second of your video is carefully curated to echo the rhythm of your love story.

Every love story has its unique setting, and our role is to make it shine on screen. Whether it's the timeless elegance of Vienna's palaces, London's iconic cityscape, or Malta's bastions, we ensure your love story reflects the essence of these magnificent locales. Let the world be your stage, and we promise to capture every scene with cinematic perfection.

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From the first contact with them, I felt very relaxed. They were always ready to answer all my questions, and we discussed ideas together with an open mind and enthusiasm. Their enchanting ability to create a unique video is fascinating. From our wedding, they managed to create not just an ordinary video that everyone else has, but a film. We felt like movie stars watching the video at home with our acquaintances and friends. They managed to immortalize moments that usually escape other wedding videos, which we will be able to share with our family and friends for many years.


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